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Self Cert Mortgage Calculator 1.0

The self cert mortgage calculator will allow you to run multiple sets of numbers
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The self cert mortgage calculator will allow you to run multiple sets of numbers through it to assess the potential of various different financial scenarios. One of the most important things that you can do before applying for mortgage is look at all the different ways the figures break down to see what suits you best. For example, varying the deposit can give you some interesting results with regard to your repayments on an ongoing basis.
The calculator is very easy to install and use and will break down the numbers for you very quickly.
This version of the calculator is available for all Windows platforms but if you don't use Windows there is an online version at our web site that will run on almost any operating system.
All you have to do is import a deposit amount and the calculator will work out the level of debt and monthly repayments that you will be left with. changing the deposit amount and running different sets of numbers will give you different results and this will allow you to assess various different scenarios and will allow you to pick the one that might suit you best.
It's always important that you don't get caught up in the excitement of the potential of owning your own home and finish up burdening yourself with a level of debt did you will be unable to service. This calculator is very quick and running several different sets of numbers and will therefore make a reasonably easy for you to look at any potential problems so as not to over-extend yourself over the longer term
Traditionally, mortgage lenders use proof of your income as the main indicator of what you can afford to borrow. as self certificate mortgage allows a self-employed person to work around this problem but please remember when you're running your numbers that this will entail a larger deposit and probably a higher interest rates so please factor that into your equations when using the calculator.
For detailed information on self certificate mortgages, you can visit our web site.

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